We’re dedicated to educating our members – as well as visitors from local, national and international groups – about Bulgarian and Macedonian history and culture.

Research Learning Center

The BMNECC houses thousands of books, periodicals, costumes, audio-visual materials, and precious museum artifacts. These collections constitute a valuable resource for scholars, educators and the general public.

Children’s Cultural Programs

Throughout the year our experienced instructors provide classes in Bulgarian language, dance, history, geography, music and craft making for children of all ages.

Adult Education

We offer various levels of Bulgarian language and folk dance instruction to adults.

Special Cultural Events

We regularly mount art and informational exhibits, screen films, and host lectures.

Community Outreach

Each year thousands of tourists, teachers, community leaders and students visit the Center. We provide them with in-depth information, tailored to the interests of each group. We present a cultural and historical overview of Bulgaria and Macedonia, provide tours of the Center and its museum collections, and serve an authentic ethnic meal. When appropriate, we even provide a basic lesson in Bulgarian song, dance, cooking, and language!

We routinely travel to schools, universities, conferences, folk festivals, and historical societies to present cultural information and display ethnic artifacts.

Artistic Performance

We maintain a busy schedule of cultural programming. Our Otets Paissii folk ensemble perpetuates Bulgaria’s rich music and dance tradition by performing regularly at local and regional events, such as the Pittsburgh Folk Festival. We also sponsor performances by visiting guest artists, such as renowned opera singers, musicians and choreographers.