Banitsa Orders for BMNECC Fundraising Vecherinka

Banitsa, a Bulgarian pastry made with home-made phyllo dough, cheese, and eggs, is a favorite staple for both children and adults. Jak Latinov (, an expert baker with over 16 years of experience, prepares the phyllo dough from scratch and crafts the pastries to perfection.

Place your order today for pans of banitsa (12 pieces each). Order them frozen ($20/pan, bake at home at 425F for 30 minutes or until golden brown) or pre-baked ($24/pan). All orders must be picked up during the Fundraising Vecherinka party at BMNECC on March 24, starting at 7 pm. BMNECC is located at 449-451 West Eighth Avenue
West Homestead, PA 15120.

For more information, please contact Peter Djalaliev at or 724-462-1863.

Click Here to place your order; order form closes Thursday, March 22nd