Bulgarian School ‘Otets Paissii’

The roots of the Bulgarian School Otets Paissii date back to the inception of the Bulgarian Macedonian National Educational and Culture Center (BMNECC) in the early 1930s. With much passion and dedication, the Bulgarian community of greater Pittsburgh has continually worked to improve the school and the experience for the kids. 

In 2016, the school was officially accredited as a ‘Bulgarian School Abroad’ by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science.  The children meet every Sunday and learn both Bulgarian language and Bulgarian dancing.  The combination of language and dancing not only increases the children’s appreciation of Bulgarian culture, but also allows for a varied and engaging educational experience. 

Our tight-knit community focuses on preserving the Bulgarian culture and celebrating the students and their achievements.  Our students have numerous opportunities to perform and engage with one another.  When your children enroll in the Bulgarian School Otets Paissii, they not only improve their Bulgarian language skills and learn how to dance traditional Bulgarian dances, but also form lifelong friendships with other children of Bulgarian heritage. 

We look forward to welcoming new students at all times during the school year. If you are interested, please email us at bgschoolpitt@gmail.com or click on our Register page.

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING STUDENTS FOR THE FALL 2019 TERM. Click the image above to register by Sept 8, 2019.

The children of the Bulgarian School ‘Otets Paissii’ – then (1936) and now.

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