Bulgarian School ‘Otets Paissii’

Register & Pay

Please submit your form no later than September 8, 2019, to register for the fall semester.


$200/semester – for 1st child

$160/semester – for 2nd child

$140/semester – for 3rd child

$130/semester – for child in pre-school

You can make your check payable to:
(note “tuition”)
449 West 8th Avenue
West Homestead, PA 15120

You can also make a secure payment online. Click below.

NOTE: Prices are for each child per family per semester.You must enter payment for each child individually from this list. When you choose an item from this list, the amount will be added to your cart on the PayPal page. You will then click CONTINUE SHOPPING at the top right of that page, and return here to enter payment for each additional child. All items will be in your cart, and you'll pay just once.  
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