Bulgarian School

Bulgarian School ‘Otets Paisii’

Welcomes students to the 2018/2019 school year!

We are excited to be opening doors for the 3rd year in a row as an officially accredited Bulgarian school abroad.  Every year we welcome new students and we are hoping to continue to grow our family and keep the Bulgarian culture alive!

Our school has been accredited by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science and follows the officially approved curriculum and materials for Bulgarian schools abroad.  Based on the children’s age and Bulgarian language proficiency, we have established 3 Bulgarian language groups – pre-school, 1st grade and 3rd grade.  An additional group focusing on dancing was formed for students with advanced dancing background who want to continue learning Bulgarian dancing.  The two teachers – Vanya Zankina (Bulgarian language) and Sasho Zankin (Bulgarian dance) have extensive backgrounds in teaching and have been leading the students for over a decade.

The school provides textbooks and other educational material needed for the classes.  In addition, interactive presentations are used during class time to enhance the connection with the students.

To sign up for the upcoming school year, please fill out this form https://goo.gl/forms/AgcSCwX9ISmnUq783   or email BGSchoolPITT@gmail.com by Aug 15th with the following information:

  • Name of the student(s) (English spelling)
  • Name of the student(s) (Bulgarian spelling)
  • Student(s) date of birth
  • Brief description of their Bulgarian language proficiency level (for new students only).
  • Parents contact information (email and telephone number)

Groups meet every Sunday (times listed below)
Fall Semester: Sep 9 – Dec 16
Spring Semester: Jan 6 – May 19

Groups and Meeting Times

Pre-school (Ages 3+)
9:00am – 11:30am
Bulgarian Language + Dance
This group is appropriate for beginner learners. Classes will focus on mastering the basics of Bulgarian language and dances.


1st grade (Ages 6+)
9:00am – 1pm
Bulgarian Language + Dance
This group is appropriate for children who know the Bulgarian alphabet and can speak some Bulgarian.  Classes will focus on mastering reading, writing and speaking in Bulgarian.  Children in this group will also have a chance to learn more advanced dance techniques. Note: this is the second part of the 1st grade material started in 2017-2018 school year.


3rd grade (Ages 9+)
Bulgarian Language + Dance
This group is appropriate for students who are able to speak, read and write in Bulgarian.
Students in this group also participate in Shareni Chorapi (see below).


Shareni Chorapi (Ages 9+)
Bulgarian Dance ONLY
11am – 12:30pm
Children in this group will focus on advanced Bulgarian dances. It is ideal that children in this groups have had prior exposure to dancing (Bulgarian or otherwise).


TENTATIVE Tuition Costs
For children in Group 1, 2, and 3, the estimated tuition is $100/semester.
Tuition for second child is $80/semester.
For children in Group 4, the cost will be $140/semester.