End of Year Vecherinka – May 20th

Please join us in celebrating the end of the year for the Bulgarian School during our final Vecherinka for the season. 

Culture and Literacy Day is a public holiday celebrated in Bulgaria yearly on May 24th. It is a day that marks the significance of the Bulgarian language and the Cyrillic alphabet. Click here for more about the holiday.

All are welcome to join the graduation for the school which will begin at 5:00pm with dinner being served at 6:00pm. The meal will consist of a meat, rice, fresh green salad, artisan baked bread and potato leek soup. Dessert will be “caramel tres leche cake” which is close to a Bulgarian style cake.

The meal can be purchased for $15  for the entire 3 course meal (soup, main entree salad  & dessert), or you have the option to buy the courses separately.

Admission to the Vecherinka is $8 for members and $10 for non-members. For more information, phone 412-461-6188.