I am pleased to announce that on September 15, 2019, the BMNECC Board of Directors officially and unanimously adopted the following overarching principles and values that will guide the actions and behaviors of the BMNECC organization in the years to come. Effective immediately, these values and principles are adopted and will be assimilated into the culture and operations of our organization: our officers, board of directors, members, students, parents, customers, suppliers, patrons, guests and the communities where we have an impact.

Respectfully Submitted,
Edward J. Markoff
President, BMNECC

Overarching Principles and Values

  • Meet all fiscal, legal and regulatory requirements to maintain 501c3 status
  • Comply with by-laws
  • Meet/beat annual operating budgets
  • Operate with following set of values:
  • Safety and Health: we will work in an environment that promotes the safety and health of the individual
  • Integrity: we will be honest and responsible in dealing with customers, suppliers, co-workers, board members and the communities where we have an impact
  • Accountability: we are accountable – individually and in teams – for our actions and results; confidentiality of sensitive information will be maintained
  • People: people are the key to BMNECC’s success. We will work in an environment that fosters communication and involvement; values diversity of thought; treats all constituents and each other with dignity, respect and tolerance; and provides reward and recognition for team and individual achievement
  • Quality and Excellence – we will provide products and services that consistently meet or exceed the needs of our customers and constituents

Teaming and Collaboration

In our committees and subcommittees, we will work together collaboratively and strive to adopt the following characteristics of high performing teams:

  • High trust
  • High commitment/ownership to each other’s success and team’s success
  • Common purpose and performance goals
  • Common approach
  • Collaborative climate
  • Mutual accountability
  • Complementary Skills

BMNECC Board of Director Responsibilities

Attend board meetings
While we recognize that everyone has busy schedules and some members may have jobs that include travel, every effort should be made to attend the majority of the governing board meetings. Commensurate with our fiscal year (January through December), the board will meet monthly except for the summer months: June, July and August

Give Your Own Gift
100% Board giving is extremely important to show both the internal and external stakeholders (e.g. foundations, corporations, organizations, individuals) and the greater community that we are 100% behind BMNECC. Albeit no minimum requirement, board member donation amounts are individually determined according to his/her financial means and sense of commitment.

Be a Member of BMNECC
100% BMNECC membership by all members of the BOD shows support to both the external and internal community

Support BMNECC’s events and bring others with you
There are usually several fundraising events for BMNECC during the year. It is an expectation that board members will support these events, attend the event (if at all possible) and bring guests.

Serve on a Board Committee (s)
There are a number of important committees that are required by our by-laws and/or extremely important to our volunteer status as an organization. Your committee service will depend on your own abilities and interests.

Introduce others to BMNECC
This can be accomplished a number of ways. You can bring people to events and shows, encourage people to become donors and BMNECC members, bring people to special events or recruit new board and general members. The more supporters we have, the more we can accomplish and the greater influence we will have in our expanded community.

How the BMNECC Board Will Operate

  • Fiscal Year: January through December
  • Meetings: Monthly except for June, July and August
  • Quorum: Majority of Directors in Office
  • Directors
  • Minimum of 3, maximum of 40
  • Board of Directors shall serve without compensation for their services
  • Executive Council: President, Vice President(s), Treasurer, Secretary
  • Standing and Appointed Committees
  • Meetings
  • Roberts Rules of Order
  • Agendas
  • Gate-Keeping Guidelines
  • Decision Making: Motion, 2nd, Debate/Discussion, Question
  • Minutes taken and published within 48 hours of meeting
  • Meeting Dates and Times: TBD but usually 2nd Sunday of each month at 5:00 PM.

Meeting Ground Rules

  • Gate-keeping guidelines will be adopted
  • Be open and encourage ideas
  • Look for merit in the ideas
  • Strive for win-win situations
  • Listen non-defensively
  • Pay attention and avoid side conversations
  • Limit war stories
  • Look for facts
  • Help to summarize
  • Each member is responsible for team’s progress
  • Work together as a team (the whole is greater than the sum of the parts)
  • The candor level of the team must be high.
  • Confidentiality will be maintained.
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