Vecherinka – April 21st

This month we are returning to our regular Vecherinka with a live band.

Admission is $8 for members and $10 for non-members.

Food Menu includes:
-oven baked organic chicken prepared with rice & herbs
-delicious Mediterranean salad
the meal will be served with a side of organic pasta with cheese, scoop of yogurt, spoon of lutenitsa (roasted red pepper spread), piece of Bulgarian feta cheese, marinated peppercini pepper & artisan bread.
*Traditional Bulgarian recipes and spices will be used to prepare the meal.
Dessert is a “tres Leches” triple layer cream and caramel cake served with a ball of ice cream & whipped topping.
$10.00 meal
$4.00 dessert



For more information, phone 412-461-6188.