Bonanza Raffle Banquet – March 10

Bonanza Raffle Banquet – March 10

Thanks for taking part in our Bonanza Raffle fundraiser!

Each raffle ticket contains 5 numbers (3 digits) which play on the Pennsylvania Daily Lottery. Winners will be determined by the first number drawn from the 7:00 pm lottery during the month of February. Click here to visit the PA Lottery website to check the winning numbers.

Each ticket has 5 chances to win every day of the month. 28 days x 5 = 140 chances to win!  

Payments to winners will be made weekly:
Mondays through Fridays pay $100
Saturdays pay $200
Sundays pay $300

All 200 ticket holders receive free admission to our Bonanza Banquet on March 10. You can purchase a guest ticket for $50.

Bonanza Banquet:
Cocktails at 5:00 pm
Gourmet dinner at 6:00 pm
Prize drawings begin at 7:30 pm

During the dinner, each of the 200 ticket holders have another 12 chances to win:
Every 20th ticket drawn at random pays $250
The 198th ticket pays $1,000
The 199th ticket pays $2,000
The 200th ticket pays $3,000

You do not need to be present at the banquet to win.

For more information, please contact Ed Markoff: 412-952-7181,

The BMNECC is a a non-profit 501c3 organization. The purchase of your ticket is tax deductible.

All proceeds from this fundraiser support the Center and help fund our cultural, educational, and preservation programs. Thank you for your support.


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