On behalf of the BMNECC Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Denise Nedev as Managing Director Operations BMNECC and Otets Paissii, and Beth A. Stafura as Managing Director Marketing BMNECC and Otets Paissii.

As active members of BMNECC for years, both incumbents bring a wealth of passion, experience, and commitment to the success of BMNECC and our mission. Denise and Beth will work closely and collaboratively as a team with our Artistic Director, Bilyana Stoyanova Stafura in recommending, leading, and executing strategic and tactical actions for our “Performing Folk Ensemble Otets Paissii” and the broader cultural and educational aspects of our organization.
Congratulations to Denise and Beth and welcome to the team!

Ed Markoff
President, BMNECC

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