Night at the Races Fundraiser – Feb 25

Night at the Races Fundraiser – Feb 25

Saturday February 25, 2017
6:00 pm
$25 admission

Join us for a night of fast-paced fun at our “Night at the Races” fundraising event. Here’s how it works:

  • You purchase a $25 admission ticket to the racing event, which includes food and 2 complimentary drinks (wine, beer or soft drink).  Hard liquor and additional drinks will be available at our cash bar.
  • Ten races will be held with 10 horses in each race. You’ll  bet in $2 increments for the winning horse – just like in an actual race. Your winnings are based on payout odds which are determined immediately after each race by the betting amounts and number of winning ticket holders.
  • There is NO LIMIT on the number of bets which can be placed. All horse races are win betting only (no place, no show).
  • All horses leave the gate with equal opportunity to win the race. There are NO odds calculated prior to the race.
  • You can also buy/sponsor up to 90 racehorses for the first 9 races for $10 per horse. This gives you personalized naming rights of your horse, which adds to the excitement.  If your horse wins the race, you automatically win $40.
  • Full color videos of the faux races will be projected onto a big screen in our social hall.
  • Races will be called “live” by a professional on-site race-caller.
  • The races are exciting and will be accompanied by encouraging cheers and “bragging rights” by the winning horse’s owner.
  • At the conclusion, we’ll auction off the 10 horses for the last race.  The winning horse will take ½ the pot!!

The evening will also feature both a Chinese Auction and a Silent Auction.

To pre-sponsor your horse and/or purchase admission tickets, please contact:
Ed Markoff at,  412-952-7181

You can also order tickets online from ShowClix by clicking here. You can purchase your admission tickets and horses separately.

We hope to see you all at the “BMNECC Downs” on February 25. Bring along your friends and family members, place your bets, root for your horse, and cash in!

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